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LBI - new solutions for metalworking processes!

The use of lubricants must now more than ever to be considered under the holistic aspect, because only in this way we contribute to support the three main pillars of your production:

This is what LBI stands for.

Reduce costs significantly

Economically optimized products must always have in production cost reducing effect, otherwise we can and will not believe in the best technology foot
mark . On this basis, we consider and advise you individually in terms of your applications.

Sustainable development and production

Responsibility for people and the environment is the most important part of our corporate culture. This applies equally to our thinking and action and is reflected in the development and manufacture of our products as well as in the cooperation with our suppliers and customers.

Innovative solutions

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Dispensing news:

HSE-2 spray system

The further improvement of the known HSE spray unit.

Now even more flexible, modular set up and easy handling for a wide application field.